(A)   An applicant, operator or permittee of an adult business (other than an adult motel), regardless of whether or not a permit has been issued to the business under this article, which business exhibits on the premises in a viewing room of less than 150 square feet of floor space, a film, video cassette or other video reproduction that depicts specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas, shall comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   The application for an adult business permit shall be accompanied by a diagram of the premises showing the location of one or more manager's stations, the location of all overhead lighting fixtures, and any portion of the premises to which patrons will not be admitted.  A manager's station may not exceed 32 square feet of floor area, with no dimension greater than eight feet.  The diagram shall also designate the place where the adult business permit will be conspicuously posted, if granted.  A professionally prepared diagram in the nature of an engineer's or architect's blueprint is not required; however, each diagram should be oriented to the north or to some designated street or object and should be drawn to a designated scale with marked dimensions sufficient to show the dimensions of all areas of the interior of the premises to an accuracy of plus or minus six inches.  The city manager may waive the diagram for renewal applications if the applicant adopts a diagram that was previously submitted and certifies that the configuration of the premises has not been altered since the diagram was prepared.
      (2)   No alteration in the configuration or location of a manager's station may be made without the prior approval of the city manager.
      (3)   At least one employee shall be on duty and situated at each manager's station at all times that any patron is present inside the premises.
      (4)   The interior of the premises shall be configured so that there is an unobstructed view from a manager's station of every area of the premises to which any patron is admitted for any purpose, excluding restrooms.  Restrooms may not contain video reproduction equipment.  If the premises have two or more managers' stations designated, the interior of the premises shall be configured so that there is an unobstructed view of each area of the premises to which any patron is admitted for any purpose from at least one of the manager's stations.  The view required in this subsection must be by direct line of sight from the manager's station.
   (B)   The view area specified in subsection (A)(4) shall remain unobstructed at all times by any doors, walls, merchandise, display racks or other materials.  No patron shall be admitted to any area of the premises that has been designated as an area in which patrons will not be admitted in the diagram submitted pursuant to subsection (A)(1) of this section.
   (C)   No viewing room may be occupied by more than one person at any one time.  The entry to each viewing room shall be open and not be covered by any door, panel, curtain or other obstruction to view.
   (D)   The premises shall be equipped with overhead lighting fixtures of sufficient intensity to illuminate every place to which patrons are admitted at an illumination of not less than two footcandles, as measured at the floor level.  Such illumination shall be maintained at all times that any patron is present on the premises.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-214)  (Ord. No. 2313)