(A)   A permittee shall not operate an adult business under the authority of a permit at any place other than the address of the adult business stated in the application for the permit.
   (B)   A permittee shall not transfer the permit to another person unless and until the transferee obtains an amendment to the permit from the city manager, stating that the transferee is now the permittee.  Such an amendment may be obtained only if the transferee files an application with the city manager in accordance with section 16-340, accompanies the application with a transfer fee in an amount set by resolution of the city council, and the city manager determines in accordance with sections 16-341 and 16-342 that the transferee would be entitled to the issuance of an original permit.
   (C)   No permit may be transferred when the city manager has notified the permittee that the permit has been or may be suspended or revoked.
   (D)   Any attempt to transfer a permit either directly or indirectly in violation of this section is hereby declared void, and the permit shall be deemed revoked.
(`64 Code, Sec. 34-211)  (Ord. No. 2313)