(A)   The following provisions shall apply in the R-1 single-family zone.
   (B)   Only the following uses are permitted in this zone:
      (1)   Accessory buildings, including other uses customarily incidental to a permitted use.
      (2)   Adult day care facilities serving no more than six adults.
      (3)   Babysitting.
      (4)   Child care centers serving no more than six children.
      (5)   Congregate living health facilities of no more than six beds.
      (6)   Farmworker housing.
      (7)   Grounds, private greenhouses and horticultural collections, flower and vegetable gardens and fruit trees, not grown expressly for profit.
      (8)   Large family day care homes that the Planning Manager finds to comply with the standards set out in section 16-440.
      (9)   Manufactured housing consisting of single-family dwellings constructed by modular manufactured methods or mobile homes certified under the National Mobile Homes Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, provided such homes are of a permanent character secured to a permanent foundation.
      (10)   Off-street parking, as provided in article X of this chapter.
      (11)   Residential care facilities for the elderly serving no more than six persons.
      (12)   Accessory dwelling units, provided that the standards in Division 13 of Article V of Chapter 16 of the Municipal Code (starting at section 16-465) are met and an application for such a unit is approved by the director.
      (13)   Signs, as provided in article IX of this chapter.
      (14)   Single-family dwelling - Conventionally built single-family dwellings of a permanent character.  Separate servants’ quarters may be established in connection with single-family dwellings of nine rooms or larger, exclusive of bathrooms, when such dwellings are located on lots of not less than 10,000 square feet.
      (15)   Small residential health or care facilities that conform to city ordinances restricting building heights, setbacks, lot dimensions, placement of signs and other matters applicable to dwellings of the same type in the same zone, and that provide services to no more than six persons, or to no more than eight children in the case of a small family day care home.
      (16)   Storage, incidental to permitted uses, provided such storage is contained within an accessory building.
      (17)   Supportive housing.
      (18)   Traditional bed and breakfast for which a development review permit is approved by the director.
      (19)   Short-term rentals consistent with article XI.
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