SEC. 15-147.  STREETS.
   (A)   Arterial streets shall be not less than 84 feet wide.  Street width shall be between right-of- way lines.
   (B)   Collector streets shall be not more than 84 feet wide.
   (C)   Industrial streets shall be not less than 74 feet wide.
   (D)   Generally, local streets shall be not less than 60 feet wide.
   (E)   Special local streets where railroads, parkways, grade separations, freeways, marinas or other dominant factors are involved shall receive special consideration.
   (F)   Dead-end streets shall be terminated by a turn-around of not less than a 50-foot radius.
   (G)   Along major highways, designated as such by the city, a service road, separated from the major highway by a raised curb or a plant strip within raised curbs, shall be required for access to abutting private property and local streets.  All dimensions of such roads shall receive special consideration by the commission.
   (H)   Curved streets shall have a center line radius of not less than 300 feet on local streets and as determined by the public works director on arterial and collector streets.
   (I)   Street corners shall have a curb radius of not less than 25 feet where both streets are 60 feet in width.  All other street intersections shall have a curb radius of not less than 35 feet with the property line so designed as not to reduce the parkway width.
   (J)   Street intersections shall be at approximate right angles.
(`64 Code, Sec. 27-82)  (Ord. No. 1570)