If the activation of a fire alarm system is deemed by the enforcement official to be a nuisance fire alarm, the responsible person shall be served with a fire alarm activation report by an officer or member of the fire department, indicating that the activation was deemed to be the result of a nuisance fire alarm.
   (A)   The responsible person shall return a completed report of service/repair within 30 days of receipt of the fire alarm activation report to verify, to the reasonable satisfaction of the enforcement official, that:
      (1)   The fire alarm system has been examined by a qualified fire alarm technician; and
      (2)   Inspection has been made to identify and correct any defect of design, installation, or improper operation of the fire alarm system which was identifiable as the cause of the nuisance fire alarm.
   (B)   Failure to return a report of service/repair within the 30 day period, which is reasonably satisfactory to the enforcement official, shall result in a fee-based fire life safety inspection by a fire inspector to determine the condition of the facility. Such fees are based upon those adopted by city council resolution.
(Ord. 2951)