(A)   The responsible person may seek judicial review of the hearing officer's decision by filing an appeal with the Ventura County Superior Court Clerk within 20 calendar days after the responsible person receives a copy of the notice of decision in accordance with Cal. Gov't Code, Section 53069.4.  Any appeal filed with the superior court shall contain a proof of service showing that a copy of the appeal was served upon the city.  The responsible person must pay the appropriate filing fees.
   (B)   Judicial review is not available for the following:
      (1)   An administrative decision at the conclusion of a preliminary review;
      (2)   An administrative decision regarding a request to extend the 14-day correction period for building code violations;
      (3)   An administrative decision regarding a waiver of the fine deposit; or
      (4)   An abandonment of an administrative hearing by a responsible person by failing to appear at the administrative fearing or failing to deposit the appropriate fine amount.
   (C)   Within 15 days of any request, the city attorney or designee shall forward to the superior court, the appropriate notice of decision and civil citation for any matter appealed to the superior court.  If the superior court reverses any decision of the hearing officer, the city shall refund the superior court filing fee and any fine deposit paid by a responsible person.
(`64 Code, Sec. 21-14)  (Ord. No. 2488, 2764)