(A)   When a responsible person is issued a notice of a building code violation that does not create an immediate danger to health or safety, the enforcement officer shall provide a 14-day correction period to allow the responsible person time to correct the violation. Notwithstanding section 7-52, no responsible person issued a notice of a building code violation shall be issued a civil citation unless the violation continues after the 14 days allowed for its correction, including any extensions granted.
   (B)   A responsible person issued a notice of a building code violation may request an extension of the correction period provided that such request is filed with the city manager prior to the expiration of the original 14-day period.
   (C)   The city manager may grant a reasonable extension of the period of time to correct a violation if the responsible person has submitted substantial evidence showing that the correction cannot be made within the 14-day period. The city manager's decision to grant or deny the request for an extension shall be in writing and shall be final.
   (D)   The filing for an extension does not, unless granted, extend the 14-day correction periods.
   (E)   If a building code violation has not been corrected by the end of the correction period, the enforcement officer may issue a civil citation. The enforcement officer may issue additional citations and impose fines for every day the building code violation continues uncorrected from the date the civil citation is issued.
(`64 Code, Sec. 21-4)  (Ord. No. 2488, 2764)