(A)   After determining that a responsible person has violated a provision of the code, an enforcement officer may issue a civil citation to that person.
   (B)   If, following an investigation, the enforcement officer has determined that a responsible person committed a code violation, an enforcement officer may issue a civil citation for a violation the officer did not see occur.
   (C)   A responsible person receiving a civil citation shall be liable for and shall pay to the city the fine imposed in the civil citation on the date specified in the civil citation.
   (D)   Every individual who applies for and receives a permit, license, or other approval (e.g., subdivision map, special use permit, variance, zoning clearance), shall comply with all conditions imposed upon the issuance of the permit, license or other approval.  If an individual violates any condition of such permit, license or other approval, an enforcement officer may issue such individual a civil citation and that individual shall be liable for payment of any civil fines.
   (E)   Each day a responsible person allows a code violation to exist shall be a separate violation and that person shall be subject to a separate fine.
   (F)   A civil citation may charge a code violation for one or more days on which a violation exists and for violation of one or more code sections.
   (G)   The city council, hearing officer or staff may consider the fact that an individual has been issued civil citations when determining whether to grant, suspend, revoke, or deny any permit, license, or other approval for the individual and such civil citation is evidence that the individual has committed acts that are a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the general public.
(`64 Code, Sec. 21-3)  (Ord. No. 2488)