(A)   lt shall be unlawful for any driver to:
      (1)   Operate a pedicab:
         (a)   While carrying a number of passengers that exceeds the number of passenger seats which such vehicle was designed to accommodate; or
         (b)   While any passenger is standing or while any passenger is sitting anywhere other than in the passenger seat thereof; provided, however, that children aged five years old or younger, may be seated in the lap of another passenger and will not count as an additional passenger.
      (2)   Collect fares, make change, or embark or disembark passengers while the pedicab is in motion.
      (3)   Operate, park, stand, or stop the pedicab in a manner which violates any city ordinance or state law.
      (4)   Operate, maneuver, incline, spin, tilt, tip, slope, or position a human-powered pedicab in any manner that would unnecessarily place a passenger in other than an upright seated position.
      (5)   Operate a pedicab upon the sidewalk portion of a public right-of-way, except at the direction of a police officer or as necessary to access locations immediately adjacent to roadways through the use of points of ingress and egress made available for use by motor vehicles operating in compliance with all applicable traffic laws.
      (6)   Operate a pedicab with sound produced by an electronic or mechanical device or instrument, aside from a horn, from the pedicab so that the sound is plainly audible at a distance of 25 feet or more from such pedicab.
      (7)   Park on sidewalks unless in areas specifically designated as pedicab stands.
      (8)   Use indecent or profane language while operating a pedicab.
      (9)   Operate a pedicab unless it is equipped with a braking system in sufficient working order to control and stop the movement of the pedicab.
      (10)   Operate a pedicab while carrying a package, bundle, or article if the package, bundle, or article prevents the driver from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars.
      (11)   Operate a pedicab to knowingly permit a person riding a bicycle, coaster, sled, toy vehicle or roller skates to attach the bicycle, coaster, sled, toy vehicle, roller skates or that person to the pedicab.
      (12)   Pick up or drop off any passenger or travel upon any street where the posted speed limit is greater than 35 miles per hour.
      (13)   Operate the pedicab other than on or astride a permanent and regular seat attached to the pedicab.
      (14)   Operate a pedicab that is not equipped with a radio, mobile telephone, or other means of two-way communication that may be used to request assistance in the event of an emergency.
      (15)   Operate a pedicab in a manner that results in damage to public or private property. Fail to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian on any roadway or sidewalk.
      (16)   Operate a pedicab on any street or upon an adjoining sidewalk that has been closed to vehicular traffic by barricade or similar barrier.
      (17)   Refuse to board and convey a passenger on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability, including the refusal to board and convey any service animal or medical equipment utilized in conjunction with a passenger's disability.
      (18)   Stop or start to pick up or discharge any passenger in a taxicab zone or any other area designated for other categories of vehicles, including city metered spaces.
      (19)   Operate a pedicab while having consumed any alcohol within the past 12 hours.
      (20)   Transport or cause to be transported any passenger to any place other than as directed by the passenger.
      (21)   Fail to comply with all reasonable and lawful requests of the passenger as to the speed of travel and the route to be taken.
      (22)   Use a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, tobacco of any kind or incense while any passenger is being transported in a passenger vehicle for hire.
      (23)   Converse on a mobile telephone while passengers are inside the pedicab, except in case of an emergency.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person, while operating a pedicab, to obstruct the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic by remaining stopped by a sidewalk, except for the time period necessary to load or unload passengers.
   (C)   lt shall be unlawful to operate a pedicab that does not have a clearly visible manufacturer's serial or identification number. In the case of a pedicab that is not of unibody design, it is sufficient for purposes of this subsection that either the operator's portion or the passenger's portion of the pedicab contains the manufacturer's serial or identification number.
   (D)   All pedicabs shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition and shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least once in each 24-hour period.
(Ord. 17-08-09, passed 8-8-17)