§ 13-53  APPEARANCE.
   (A)   It shall be the duty of every holder of a driver's permit to be hygienically clean, well-groomed, neat, and suitably dressed in compliance with the requirements of this section at all times while operating a passenger vehicle for hire.
   (B)   Each passenger vehicle for hire driver shall wear in plain view a tag containing the driver's name and the name of his or her company.
   (C)   Each driver shall wear clean clothing consisting of shoes, shirt, pants or short pants, knee length skirt or dress and, when necessary, an outer winter garment while operating a pedicab. If a hat is worn, it shall be free of any writing or logo except the passenger vehicle for hire company's name and logo.
   (D)   Clothing that is not considered appropriate and is not permitted for holders of a driver's permit includes: underwear (as an outer garment), tank tops, body shirts, swimwear, jogging suits, or similar types of attire when worn as an outer garment, athletic shorts or trunks (jogging or bathing), or sandals.
   (E)   Notwithstanding subsection (A), application for a driver's permit shall not be approved if the applicant's court record or evidence regarding the applicant supports a conclusion that it is not in the public interest for the application to be granted. Convictions, admissions, pleas of guilty or no contest to any of the following shall create a rebuttable presumption that the approval of the applicant's application is not in the public interest:
      (1)   Murder, including first degree and second degree;
      (2)   Voluntary manslaughter;
      (3)   Involuntary manslaughter;
      (4)   Felony death by vehicle;
      (5)   Felonious assaults and/or batteries;
      (6)   Robbery;
      (7)   Rape and other sex offenses; or
      (8)   Felonious drug offenses.
   (F)   The City Clerk shall not issue a driver's permit to any applicant who within the past five years has any driving while impaired (DWI) conviction or two or more arrests for DWI, within the state, or any comparable provision of the law of any other state, territory or possession of the United States of America.
   (G)   A driver's permit shall be valid for two years from the date of issuance. A driver's permit is personal to the driver's permit holder to whom it is issued and may not be transferred or otherwise assigned.
(Ord. 17-08-09, passed 8-8-17)