When used in this article, the following words and terms shall have the meanings provided in this section, unless the context of their usage clearly indicates another meaning:
   CITY MANAGER. The City Manager of the City of Oxford or his or her designee.
   DRIVER. Any person who physically operates a pedicab.
   DRIVER’S PERMIT. The permit issued by the city to a person to enable that person to operate a pedicab within the city.
   PEDICAB. Any vehicle with three or more wheels propelled or pedaled by human power which is used for, or is capable of, transporting passengers if the driver receives direct or indirect compensation for providing such transportation and includes any vehicle to which a decal has been issued pursuant to this article. No pedicab shall be motorized. For the purposes of this article, pedicabs shall be deemed vehicles, and every operator of a pedicab upon a street shall be subject to this article.
   STREET. Any road, alley, avenue, highway, terminal roadway or any other public vehicular area within the corporate limits as they may exist or may be extended.
(Ord. 17-08-09, passed 8-8-17)