(A)   Every person desiring to obtain a license hereunder shall apply to the Administrator for each license required by this article prior to beginning operations.
   (B)   The information shall be submitted on a dated application provided by the Administrator, which shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The name of the applicant and whether the applicant is an individual, a partnership, a corporation or some other legal entity;
      (2)   The address where the business is conducted, and a mailing address for the business, if different;
      (3)   All telephone numbers used by the business;
      (4)   The starting date on which the business will begin to operate in the city;
      (5)   The name and address of the person filling out the application, and his or her relationship to the business;
      (6)   The nature of the business;
      (7)   The gross receipts of the business for the most recently completed federal tax year, if applicable; and
      (8)   Any other information the Administrator determines deems to be necessary to compute the amount of tax due.
   (C)   Each applicant has the responsibility to comply with any and all other legal requirements, whether local, state or federal, prior to the commencement of business operations.
(Ord. 09-03-02, passed 3-10-09)