General Provisions Applicable to All Access Channels
   EDITOR’S NOTE:  This chapter is currently under review.  See the Clerk of Council for its current status.
737.01   Definitions.
737.02   General requirements for show presentation.
737.03   Copyright.
737.04   Conduct on premises.
737.05   Public inspection of records.
737.06   Reports to Advisory Utilities Commission.
737.07   Audio background on access channels.
737.08   Additional public access provisions.
737.09   Training and certification of public access users.
737.10   General requirements for show presentation.
737.11   Reservations for cablecasting by types of public access producers.
737.12   Allocation of channel time.
737.13   Public access production facilities and equipment.
737.14   Tapes.
737.15   Program content.
737.16   Community information service channel.
737.17   Miscellaneous.
737.18   Additional government access provisions.
737.19   Training and certification of government users.
737.20   General requirements for show presentation.
737.21   Allocation of channel time.
737.22   Reservations for cablecasting by priority and types of producers.
737.23   Government production facilities and equipment.
737.24   Tapes.
737.25   Program content.
737.26   Government information service channel.
737.27   Miscellaneous.
737.28   Oxford/Time Warner Cable Policy Statement; Penalty Policy.
737.29   Penalty procedure.
737.30   Immediate suspension (privileges revoked).
Cable television - see BUS. REG. Ch. 737
   The rules and regulations set forth herein are adopted to govern the availability and use of the access channels of the cable television system owned and operated by Time Warner Cable in the City of Oxford, Ohio.