(a)   As used in this chapter:
      (1)   “Motor vehicle” means any self-propelled device used for transportation of people or goods over land surfaces and licensed as a motor vehicle. The term includes without limitation, automobile, truck, bus, recreational vehicle and motorcycle. The term also includes trailers, which by their nature require a motor vehicle for their mobility.
      (2)   “Unlicensed motor vehicle” means any motor vehicle not displaying a current, valid license plate, including any validation sticker, other than a motor vehicle exempt under Chapter 4503 of the Ohio Revised Code.
      (3)   “Major repair” means any repair, which requires the engine drive train, transmission assembly, exhaust system or similar parts to be removed from the vehicle, and/or requires the removal of any internal parts which can not be completed in 24 hours.
      (4)   “Bodywork” means any activity involving the use of a power-operated tool or machine, application of paint and epoxy or other similar application which requires the use of an air compressor, to effect modifications to the exterior or interior of a vehicle.
      (5)   “Junk vehicle” means any vehicle not capable of legal operation at the time of the notice or citation on public streets or waterways in accordance with applicable ordinances and laws. The fact that a vehicle is not equipped with license plates as required by State Law shall mean that it is not capable of such legal operation on public streets or waterways. Further, a junk vehicle is also defined as one that is partially dismantled, wrecked or deteriorating to such an extent that its continued presence would create a negative impact on property value and/or create a blighting influence on the neighborhood. This definition includes U- haul type trailers, whether or not they are still on their wheels, and which may or may not be used as storage.
      (6)   “Inoperable motor vehicle” shall mean any motor vehicle missing wheels, tires, windshield, motor or transmission, or which has been so damaged as to appear not safely operable. Any vehicle that remains parked or near the same location for more than thirty consecutive days shall be presumed to be inoperable.
         (Ord. 04-12. Passed 7-26-04.)