(a)   Notification shall be by certified or registered letter or by personal service to the owner of the real property upon which the violation occurs at the then current tax mailing address of the owner. Personal service shall be considered valid and received by the owner if served upon an adult human being at said real property. If such service is refused or undeliverable, notification may be made by posting in a prominent place on said property.
   (b)   Upon failure of any owner, lessee, agent or tenant having charge of the lots and lands referred to in subsection (a) hereof to comply with the notice of removal within the period of time stipulated, the Chief of Police shall cause such nuisance vehicle and/or parts thereof to be removed immediately on behalf of the municipality. The Chief of Police shall order the same vehicle to be photographed by a law enforcement officer in the place where the violation(s) occurred. The law enforcement officer shall record the make of motor vehicle, the serial number when available, and shall also detail the violation. The Chief of Police or representative shall notify immediately as per subsection (g) that the Village of Ottawa has removed the vehicle and that the owner of the vehicle may claim the vehicle within 30 days if payment of the tow and impound fees are received. Furthermore, the Village of Ottawa is not responsible for the nuisance vehicle. Such law enforcement officer shall execute an affidavit that describes the motor vehicle and that he and/or the Village’s representative has complied with all requirements of this section. The law enforcement officer shall sign and file the said affidavit with the Clerk of Courts of the Putnam County Court.
(Ord. 04-12. Passed 7-26-04.)