11-8-2: PROCEDURE:
   A.   Request for an administrative permit shall be filed with the City on an official application form and processed in accordance with this chapter and Minnesota Statutes section 15.99.
      1.   An application shall be accompanied by a fee as provided in section 3-1-2 of this Code.
      2.   Such application shall also be accompanied by detailed written and graphic materials fully explaining the proposed change, development, or use including the information required by section 11-9-6 of this title.
      3.   The request shall be considered as being officially submitted when the Zoning Administrator determines that there is compliance with all the information requirements.
      4.   The Zoning Administrator shall have the authority to request additional information from the applicant or to retain expert testimony at the expense of the applicant. Said information is to be declared necessary to establish performance conditions in relation to all pertinent sections of this title.
      5.   Failure on the part of the applicant to supply all necessary supportive information may be grounds for denial of the request.
   B.   The applicant shall supply proof of title and the legal description of the property for which the administrative permit is requested, consisting of an abstract of title or registered property abstract currently certified, together with any unrecorded documents whereby the petitioners acquire a legal ownership or equitable ownership interest and, as applicable, supply documented authorization from the owner(s) of the property in question to proceed with the requested administrative permit.
   C.   The Zoning Administrator shall review the application and related materials and shall determine, in consultation with other City staff as may be appropriate, that the proposal is in compliance with all applicable evaluation criteria, codes, ordinances, and performance standards.
   D.   The Zoning Administrator shall consider possible adverse effects of the proposed events or activity. Judgment shall be based upon (but not limited to) the following factors:
      1.   The proposed action's consistency with the specific policies and provisions of the City Comprehensive Plan.
      2.   The proposed use's compatibility with present and future land uses of the area.
      3.   The proposed use's conformity with all performance standards contained within this title and other provisions of this Code.
      4.   Traffic generation of the proposed use in relation to capabilities of streets serving the property.
      5.   The proposed use can be accommodated by existing public services and facilities and will not overburden the City's service capacity.
   E.   The Zoning Administrator shall make a determination on approval or denial of the administrative permit.
   F.   A written permit shall be issued to the applicant when a determination of compliance has been made. Specific conditions to assure compliance with applicable evaluation criteria, codes, ordinances, and the standards of this title shall be attached to the permit.
   G.   The Zoning Administrator shall provide the applicant and property owner with written notice of a determination of noncompliance with applicable codes, ordinances, and standards in this chapter and that the application for the permit shall be considered denied.
   H.   Unresolved disputes as to administrative application of the requirements of this section shall be subject to appeal as defined by chapter 7 of this title. (Prior Code § 20-8-2)