A.   An appeal from the ruling of an administrative officer of the City shall be made by the property owner or his agent within thirty (30) days after the making of the order being appealed.
   B.   The property owner or his agent shall file with the City a notice of appeal stating the specific grounds upon which the appeal is made.
   C.   Any appeal filed shall be comprehensive and include all matters subject to question. Subsequent appeals filed by the same individual or group which are intended to cause unjustifiable delay in the decision making process shall not be accepted by the City. (Prior Code § 20-7-3)
   D.   The filing of an appeal shall be accompanied by a fee as provided by section 3-1-2 of this Code. (Prior Code § 20-7-3; amd. 2018 Code)
   E.   The Board of Adjustment and Appeals shall make a finding of fact and its decision by resolution within sixty (60) days from the date at which the City Council first considered the appeal. (Prior Code § 20-7-3)