10-5-3: FINAL PLAT:
   A.   Submission:
      1.   After the preliminary plat has been approved, a final plat shall be submitted for review as set forth in this section. The City may agree to review the preliminary and final plats simultaneously. The final plat shall incorporate all changes, modifications and revisions required by the City. Otherwise, it shall strictly conform to the approved preliminary plat.
      2.   All final plats shall comply with the provisions of Minnesota State Statutes and requirements of this title.
      3.   An applicant shall submit with the final plat a current Abstract of Title or Registered Property Certificate, along with any unrecorded documents, and an Opinion of Title. (Prior Code § 21-3-3)
      4.   Submission of an application for final plat approval shall include a fee as established by section 3-1-2 of this Code. (Ord. 2018-13, 12-10-2018, eff. 1-1-2019)
   B.   Review And Approval: Review of a final plat shall be as follows:
      1.   Five (5) large scale copies of the final plat and thirteen (13) reduced scale (not less than 11 inches by 17 inches) copies of the final plat shall be submitted by the applicant. If, in the opinion of the Zoning Administrator, reduced scale drawings (11 inches by 17 inches) are determined to be illegible, the submission of larger scale materials shall be required. The scale of such materials shall be the minimum necessary to ensure legibility. In the event that the final plat is referred to the Planning Commission for recommendation, additional large scale copies of the plat may be required. Upon receipt of a final plat, copies shall be referred to the City Council, appropriate City staff, and to all applicable utility companies and County and State agencies. One copy, with Abstract of Title or Registered Property Certificate and Opinion of Title shall be referred to the City Attorney.
      2.   The City Council may refer the final plat to the Planning Commission for recommendation if they find the proposed final plat is substantially different from the approved preliminary plat or the requirements of the preliminary plat are not resolved. In such cases, the Planning Commission shall submit a report thereon to the City Council within forty five (45) days.
      3.   The City staff receiving final plat copies shall, as appropriate, submit reports to the City Council within ten (10) working days, documenting and expressing their recommendation on the final plat.
      4.   Prior to approval of a final plat, the applicant shall have executed a development agreement with the City, which controls the installation of all required improvements and assures compliance with all conditions of approval. Said agreement will require all improvements and approval conditions to comply with approved engineering standards and applicable regulations.
      5.   The City Council shall take action on a final plat not more than sixty (60) days after the plat is filed with the City. If the final plat is not approved, the reasons for such action shall be recorded in the official proceedings of the City and shall be transmitted to the applicant.
      6.   Upon receiving an approved final plat in conformance with the requirements of the City, the designated representatives of the City shall sign the plat, and the applicant, as a condition of approval, shall record the approved and signed final plat with the County Registrar of Deeds within sixty (60) days, or the approved final plat shall be considered void.
      7.   The applicant shall, within thirty (30) days of recording, furnish the City with three (3) blue or black line prints and one mylar of the final plat showing evidence of the recording. Failure to furnish such copies shall be grounds for refusal to issue building permits for lots within a plat.
      8.   Upon receiving approval of a final plat for a portion of an approved preliminary plat, a continuation of the recognition of the preliminary plat is not required to maintain its approval. In the event a zoning ordinance amendment is adopted which requires a larger minimum lot size for land not yet platted and recorded, the larger minimum lot size may be required for any additional platting. If the applicant is unable to file a final plat application within the required one hundred (100) days, such person shall file a written request for an extension of the preliminary plat approval with the City Clerk and receive City Council approval prior to the end of the one hundred (100) days. Said applicant's request shall specify and the City Council shall, if approved, determine the length of time for filing and for the preliminary plat to remain in full force and effect. (Prior Code § 21-3-3)