A.   Statute Authority: The collection of fire service charges for fire service shall be pursuant to Minnesota Statutes sections 366.011 and 415.01 and any other applicable statute.
   B.   Types Of Charges:
      1.   Said fees shall be established at a fixed rate for certain types of incidents or for actual costs incurred by the Fire Department for mutual aid in providing the fire service as set forth in section 3-1-2 of this title.
      2.   For fire services for which the actual costs incurred by the Fire Department in responding to the incident is charged, the fees shall include, but shall not be limited to, actual manpower costs for all personnel that respond to the incident (minimum of 1 hour) and the cost on a per hour basis for each fire apparatus or other City mechanical equipment that responds to the incident (minimum of 1 hour per unit).
   C.   Liability For Charges: When a particular service rendered by the Fire Department directly benefits more than one person or property, the owner of each property so benefited and each person so benefited (where the property protection only is not involved) shall be liable for the payment of the full charge for such service to their respective property as hereinbefore outlined.
   D.   Payment Of Charges; Delinquencies:
      1.   The fire service charge shall be paid within thirty (30) days of billing by the City. If the service charge is not paid by that time, it will be considered delinquent, and the City Clerk will send notice of delinquency.
      2.   If the fire service charge remains unpaid for thirty (30) days after the notice of delinquency is sent, the City will use all practical and reasonable legal means to collect the service charge including the provisions of Minnesota Statutes section 366.012. The party receiving the service shall be liable for all collection costs incurred by the City including, but not limited to, administrative costs, attorney fees, recording fees and court costs. (Prior Code § 5-6-3)