A.   Permit Required; Restrictions And Exceptions:
      1.   An electrical permit is required for each installation, alteration, addition or repair of electrical work for light, heat and power within the limits of the City. Permits for the installation of electrical work in new structures shall only be issued to electrical contractors duly licensed by the State. Permits for the installation, alteration, addition or repair of electrical work in existing structures shall only be issued to electrical contractors duly licensed by the State or to resident owners of property where the work is to be done.
      2.   No permit shall be required for electrical installations of equipment owned, leased, operated or maintained by a public service corporation which is used by said corporation in the performance of its function as a utility; except, that such electrical installation shall conform to the minimum standards of the National Electrical Safety Code.
   B.   Application For Permit; Issuance: Application for such permit, describing the electrical work to be done, shall be made in writing to the City by the person so registered to do the work. The application shall be accompanied by such plans, specifications and schedules as may be necessary to determine whether the electrical installation as described will be in conformity with all the legal requirements. The fees for electrical inspection as set forth in section 3-1-2 of this Code shall accompany such application. If the applicant has complied with all of the provisions of this chapter, a permit for such electrical installation shall be issued.
   C.   Permit Fees:
      1.   Before commencing any installation of any work regulated by this chapter, a permit therefor shall be secured from the Building Department and the fee for such permit set forth by section 3-1-2 of this Code paid. No such permit shall be issued to do any of the work or make any installation regulated by this chapter except to persons licensed to do such work under the terms of this chapter. Holders of a contractor's license shall not obtain permits for electrical work unless the work is supervised by them and is performed by workers employed by them or their firm.
      2.   Should any person begin work of any kind, such as set forth in this chapter, or for which a permit from the electrical inspector is required by ordinance, without having secured the necessary permit therefor from the building official either previous to or during the day of the commencement of any such work, or on the next succeeding day where such work is commenced on a Saturday or on a Sunday or a holiday, he shall, when subsequently securing such permit, be required to pay double the fees provided for such permit.
      3.   Additional fees and/or fee shortages must be received by the City within fourteen (14) days of written notice. If additional fees and/or fee shortages are not received within fourteen (14) days of notice, permits for electrical installations will not be accepted by the City until such time as the additional fees and/or fee shortages are received. (Prior Code § 4-6-5)