In addition to other provisions of this chapter, the following regulations shall apply to nondomestic users regarding the discharge of fats, oils, grease and flammables to the POTW:
   A.   Prohibited Discharges: The discharge of fats, oils, grease or flammable materials into the POTW shall be prohibited.
   B.   Interceptors And Separators Required:
      1.   Users with potential discharge of FOG and flammables shall install interceptors and separators in accordance with Minnesota Plumbing Code 4715, subject to review and approval of the building official.
      2.   Any change of use within an existing building shall comply with the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Maintenance:
      1.   Users shall maintain separators and interceptors on a schedule based on the individual user's operation to ensure proper function and prevent discharge of FOG and flammables to the POTW.
      2.   The Utilities Supervisor may require modification of the maintenance schedule or additional maintenance of a user's separator and interceptor system if there is discharge of FOG and flammables to the POTW.
   D.   Reporting:
      1.   Any user required to provide pretreatment for FOG and flammables shall submit to the Utilities Department a report outlining ongoing maintenance of the interceptor and separator system at least annually but within thirty (30) days of any service.
      2.   The report shall state any and all operation and maintenance service that has been completed to the interceptor and separator system such that the user is in compliance with the applicable pretreatment standards or requirements and include the following information:
         a.   Date of maintenance.
         b.   Volume of FOG or flammables hauled from the site.
         c.   Identification of the firm or individual completing the maintenance and/or hauling.
         d.   Any comments or issues identified by the maintenance provider.
         e.   Other information as required by the building official, Utilities Supervisor or City Engineer.
      3.   This statement shall be signed by an authorized representative of the user and certified by a qualified professional.
   E.   Inspections:
      1.   The interceptor and separator systems for nondomestic users shall be inspected by the Utilities Supervisor or his designee a minimum of every two (2) years based on a schedule determined by the Utilities Supervisor.
      2.   The building official, Utilities Supervisor or City Engineer or their designee may enter upon private property at any time for the purpose of inspecting interceptor and separator systems.
      3.   Inspections shall be scheduled by the Utilities Department and shall require payment of any fee established in section 3-1-2 of this Code. (Prior Code § 6-3-11)