To conserve water resources and allow the City's water system flexibility in meeting peak demands, certain limitations on the use of the City's water supply are hereby established:
   A.   An odd-even irrigation restriction based on street addresses is in effect from May 1 to September 30 each year. Property owners with odd numbered addresses may water on odd calendar days, and property owners with even numbered addresses may water on even calendar days.
   B.   Homeowners' associations and apartment complexes that provide a common irrigation system shall irrigate only every other day.
   C.   City water shall not be used for the purposes of irrigating or watering lawns, sod, or seeded areas between eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M. and five o'clock (5:00) P.M. daily.
   D.   Subsections A, B and C of this section do not apply in the following situations:
      1.   Limited hand watering of plants using a hose or hand held watering container.
      2.   Irrigation of new landscaping, sod, or seed within thirty (30) days of installation.
      3.   Irrigation from a source other than the City's water supply if the alternative source is allowed by this Code and properly permitted by the State of Minnesota. Under this exemption, the City may inspect the property to ensure compliance.
   E.   Penalties are as follows:
      1.   Failure to comply with restrictions imposed under this section shall result in a surcharge for water service for each violation in an amount established by section 3-1-2 of this Code, which will be added to the water bill for the property on which such violation occurs.
      2.   Violators will be notified prior to the imposition of a surcharge mailed to the property owner, and the City shall presume receipt of the notice three (3) days after mailing. Subsequent violations in the same calendar year will result in the imposition of a surcharge to be included on the bill for the utility account to be paid in accordance with section 8-1-8 of this title. (Prior Code § 6-1-8)