To protect the health and safety of the consumers, as well as the general welfare, the Public Utilities Director, City Administrator or their designee may impose emergency regulations pertaining to City water use.
   A.   During an emergency, restrictions for the use of City water may include, but are not limited to, the total prohibition of watering, sprinkling, or irrigation of lawn, grass, turf, or plantings.
   B.   Restrictions imposed during an emergency shall continue in effect until the end of the emergency and/or removed by the City Administrator or his designee.
   C.   Notification of restrictions to City water use may be given by publication or by posting in the City Hall and at such public places as the Council may direct.
   D.   Penalties are as follows:
      1.   Failure to comply with restrictions or prohibitions imposed under this section shall result in a surcharge for water service for each violation in an amount established by section 3-1-2 of this Code, which will be added to the water bill for the property on which such violation occurs.
      2.   Violators will be notified prior to the imposition of a surcharge mailed to the property owner, and the City shall presume receipt of the notice three (3) days after mailing. Subsequent violations in the same calendar year will result in the imposition of a surcharge to be included on the bill for the utility account to be paid in accordance with section 8-1-8 of this title. (Prior Code § 6-1-7)