A.   Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee as established by Section 3-1-2J of this code shall be assessed on the unpaid portion(s) on all accounts when payment of the balance is not postmarked or received by the due date. The unpaid portions and late payment penalty shall be due immediately. Additional late payment fees on the past due amount shall be added each billing period the account is delinquent.
   B.   Adjustment And/Or Payment Plan: The City Utility Department may authorize adjustment and/or payment plans for delinquent accounts for total delinquent amounts not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000.00). A request for a payment plan shall be directed to the City Utility Department. The City will only authorize adjustment and/or payment plans on a case by case basis based upon the facts and circumstances of each account. The City Utility Department reserves the right to obtain City Council approval before authorization of an adjustment or payment plan is finalized.
   C.   Assessment Of Unpaid Fees, Usage Charges And Late Payments Or Discontinuance Of Service: For any account with a balance more than ninety (90) days past due, the assessment of unpaid fees, usage charges and late payments or discontinuance of service shall be in accordance with the following:
      1.   The first occurrence of a delinquent account within a twelve (12) month period shall be assessed to the property in accordance with the provisions of this section.
      2.   Subsequent delinquencies of an account previously assessed for nonpayment shall be subject to the following procedures:
         a.   For residential properties, except those subject to subsection C2b of this section, the City Council may, at its discretion, direct the Utility Department to commence the disconnection of services as provided in subsection C3 of this section.
         b.   Where service is required to be provided by section 4-6-8 of this Code pertaining to rental of residential properties, the delinquent account shall be assessed to the property in accordance with the provisions of subsection C3 of this section and also issued an administrative citation for violation of this Code for each month that the account remains delinquent.
         c.   For all nonresidential properties, the Utility Department shall commence the disconnection of services as provided in subsection C3 of this section.
      3.   The Utility Department shall issue a shutoff notice by first class mail to the address on file for the account that shall state that if full payment is not made by the date specified, said water service to the property shall be shut off at any time after the date stated in the shutoff notice for nonpayment without further notice.
   D.   Shutoff Notice: The shutoff notice shall contain the address and telephone number of the City Utility Department in charge of billing. That information shall be clearly visible and easily readable on the shutoff notice.
   E.   Disconnect And Reconnect Fee And Account Delinquency Administrative Fee: A disconnection fee and a reconnection fee and an account delinquency administration fee as set forth in section 3-1-2 of this Code must be paid in addition to the outstanding delinquent balance, together with current charges before water service will be restored. Payment under this subsection shall be in the form of credit card, cash or cashier's check. Scheduling the reconnection of water service by the Utility Department may require as many as ten (10) days from the date payment is received.
   F.   Unpaid Charges: Unpaid charges on sewer and water accounts shall be certified to the Wright County Auditor without hearing and pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 444.075, subdivision 3e, with interest, penalties and any administrative charge as determined by the City Council. The administrative charge is as set out in section 3-1-2 of this Code.
   G.   Assessments: After adoption of the assessment roll by the City Council, the property owner shall have the following options:
      1.   To pay the delinquent amount listed on the adopted assessment roll, but without additional interest after adoption, within thirty (30) days of the date of adoption.
      2.   To pay the certified charges as billed to them by Wright County on their Property Tax statements with a collection term of one year.
   H.   Appeals: If the owner of a property feels that charges for utility accounts are improperly charged, the following process shall be used to appeal the matter:
      1.   The property owner shall contact the Finance Department to determine if City staff may handle the problem.
      2.   If the Finance Department cannot resolve the appeal, the property owner shall communicate the appeal to the City Clerk in writing, including the account number and the nature of the problem, and shall include any documentation that the customer wants considered.
      3.   The City employee charged with appeals shall research account usage from the past and make inquiries of the appealing property owner.
      4.   The City employee charged with appeals shall propose a written response to the appeal for approval by the City Administrator. The response shall be sent to the property owner who shall signify acceptance in writing.
      5.   If the property owner is not satisfied by the written response, the property owner may appeal the matter in writing only to the City within thirty (30) days after receipt of the City's written response. The appeal will be considered by the City Council within thirty (30) days after receipt of the written appeal. There will be no public hearing on the matter, but the City Council will determine the appeal based solely upon the consumer's submitted written appeal as well as any response or information provided by City staff. The City Council shall make the final determination on any appeal.
   I.   Information To County: After the hearing, the certified roll, minus any payments, shall be delivered to the Wright County Auditor. (Prior Code § 6-2-5; amd. Ord. 2022-12, 6-27-2022)