Application for a massage therapy center license shall be made on forms provided by the Zoning Administrator and shall contain:
   A.   Business License:
      1.   A description of the property to be used.
      2.   Whether the operator is a natural person, a corporation, limited liability company, a partnership, or other form of organization.
         a.   If the operator is a natural person:
            (1)   The true name, place and date of birth, address and phone number of the operator.
            (2)   Whether the operator has ever used or has been known by a name other than his true name, and, if so, what was such name and information concerning dates and places where used.
            (3)   The name of the business if it is to be conducted under a designation, name or style other than the full individual name of the operator; in such case, a certified copy of the certificate, as required by Minnesota Statutes chapter 333, shall be attached to the application.
            (4)   The street address at which the operator has lived during the preceding five (5) years.
            (5)   The kind, name and location of every business or occupation the operator has been engaged in during the preceding five (5) years.
            (6)   The names and addresses of the operator's employers and partners, if any, for the preceding five (5) years.
            (7)   Whether the operator has ever been convicted of any felony or other crime or violation of any ordinance other than traffic ordinances. If so, the operator shall furnish information as to the time, place and offense for which convictions were had.
            (8)   The physical description of the operator.
            (9)   The operator's training or experience in performing massage services.
            (10)   The name of the manager or proprietor or other agent in charge of the business to be licensed.
         b.   If the operator is a partnership:
            (1)   The names, addresses and interest of all partners and all information concerning each partner as is required of an individual applicant in subsection A2a of this section.
            (2)   The name of the manager or proprietor or other agent in charge of the business to be licensed.
            (3)   A true copy of the partnership agreement, which shall be submitted with the application. If the partnership is required to file a certificate as to a trade name under the provisions of Minnesota Statutes chapter 333, a certified copy of such certificate shall also be attached.
         c.   If the operator is a corporation, limited liability company or other organization:
            (1)   The name and, if incorporated, the state of incorporation.
            (2)   A true copy of the certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, certificate of limited liability company, association agreement, and bylaws, which shall be attached to the application. If a foreign corporation, a certificate of authority, as described in Minnesota Statutes chapter 303, shall also be attached.
            (3)   The name of the manager or proprietor or other agent in charge of the business to be licensed and all information concerning such persons as is required in subsection A2a of this section.
            (4)   A list of all persons who are officers or directors of the corporation, limited liability company, or organization or who control or own an interest in excess of five percent (5%) in such corporation or organization, and all information concerning such persons as is required in subsection A2a of this section.
   B.   Personal Service Licenses:
      1.   All information required under subsection A2a of this section.
      2.   Proof acceptable to the City that the operator:
         a.   Has current insurance coverage as required by this chapter;
         b.   Is affiliated with, employed by, or owns a massage business licensed by the City or is exempt from such requirement; and
         c.   Has completed four hundred (400) hours of either certified therapeutic massage training under a massage training program whose standards are verifiable and acceptable to the City, or the City, in its discretion, may waive the four hundred (400) hour requirement if the operator, masseur or masseuse can demonstrate equivalent and independently verifiable job training experience.
   C.   Additional Information:
      1.   The names of those individuals to be licensed and working for the operator who may work in the City.
      2.   Whether the operator is licensed in other communities to run similar businesses, and, if so, where.
      3.   Whether the operator has previously been denied a massage license or had such a license or permit suspended or revoked, along with an explanation of any such denial, suspension or revocation.
      4.   The names, residences, and business addresses of three (3) residents of Wright County, of good moral character, not related to the operator or financially interested in the premises or business, who may be referred to as to the applicant's and/or manager's character.
      5.   Documents establishing the operator's interest in the premises on which the business will be located in the form of a lease, a deed, a contract for deed or any other document which establishes the applicant's interest.
      6.   Such other information as the City may require.
   D.   Signatures Required: The application for license shall be signed and sworn to. If the application is by a natural person, it shall be signed and sworn to by such person; if by a partnership, by one of the partners; if by a corporation, by an officer with authority and if by an unincorporated association, by the manager or managing officer thereof.
   E.   Fees: The application investigation and license fees set forth by section 3-1-2 of this Code shall be paid when the application is filed. (Ord. 2017-01, 1-9-2017)