(A)   Circumstances for permit issuance. Subject to conditions, fees, and standards otherwise required by this subchapter, a temporary use permit may be issued:
      (1)   To an applicant in the process of building a conventional dwelling to locate a manufactured dwelling on a building lot during the course of construction of the dwelling; such permit shall not be issued until after a building permit for the dwelling has been issued;
      (2)   To an applicant to use a manufactured dwelling as a caretaker’s quarters or construction office at a job site; or
      (3)   To an applicant whose own health or the health of another necessitates care, and where the facts show that an unnecessary hardship would occur if not permitted to locate a manufactured dwelling adjacent to the residence of one who is able to provide such care or in need of such care.
   (B)   Length of permit. A temporary use permit may be issued, at the discretion of the town, for a period not to exceed two years. The permit may be renewed for additional one-year periods showing of good cause and with permission to do so. However, at the discretion of the town, a temporary use permit may be issued to an applicant for a health or age related circumstance for a period coterminous with the health or age related circumstances.
   (C)   Permit expiration. At the time the temporary use permit expires, the manufactured dwelling and all appurtenances shall be removed from the property within 90 days.
   (D)   Utility requirements. Manufactured dwellings used for temporary uses shall have an approved water supply, sewage disposal system, and utility connections.
   (E)   Permit fee. A fee of $50 shall be charged for a temporary use permit issued by the Town Council. This fee is in addition to all other required permits/fees for utilities and sewage disposal systems.
(Ord. 1999-4, passed 5-18-1999)