(A)   Each regular employee shall undergo a review of his/her performance at least twice a year. The review shall be based upon the employee's general work performance and specific job duties. The general work performance form shall be rated on job knowledge, quality of work, quantity of work, adaptability, interest initiative, human relations, attentiveness, personal characteristics, housekeeping/ equipment use, attendance, cost control, and overall rating.
   (B)   The review of an employee's specific job duties shall be based upon the employee's job description. The job description should list general responsibilities of the employee's position, as well as the approximate percentage of time spent on each activity, where applicable. This description should be reviewed and updated by the employee and his supervisor annually.
   (C)   Scoring will be done by the employee's supervisor. Scoring will be done on a scale of one to five, with five being "Superior", and one being "Poor". The supervisor should then confer with each employee and review his/her performance and scoring. The supervisor and employee should then write down what goals and improvements the employee will attempt to achieve within the one-year period. The employee should also document any comments he/she desires. The form shall then be sent to the Village Administrator for his review and signature.
   (D)   Performance reviews are a process that should be taken seriously by all. They play an important role in deciding on promotions and pay raises, and in helping the employee grow to his/her potential with the village.
(Ord. 2000-02, passed 5-17-00)