A.   Invitation For Quotes Or Bid: Before the City makes any purchase of, or contract for, supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services, any of which single transactions where the cost exceeds seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500.00), except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the City Manager shall obtain the authorization of the City Council and shall submit to at least three (3) persons, firms or corporations dealing in and able to supply the same, or to a smaller number if there are not three (3) dealing in and able to supply the same, a request for quotation, or invitation to bid, and specifications, to give them opportunity to bid; or publish notice of the proposed purchase in a newspaper of general circulation within the City. (Ord. 2010-03, 12-13-2010)
   B.   Consideration Locally: The City Council shall favor a person, firm or corporation in the City when this can be done without additional cost to the City; but the City Manager shall submit requests for quotations to those outside the City when this may be necessary to secure bids or to create competitive conditions, or when the City Manager thinks that by so doing a saving can be made for the City and shall purchase from them when the Purchasing Officer can make a saving for the City.
   C.   City Manager And Council Determinations: If the City Manager extends invitations to bid, all bids shall be sealed and shall be opened in public at a designated time and place. The City Manager may repeatedly reject all bids, and again may submit to the same or other persons, firms or corporations the request for quotation, or invitation to bid, or again publish notice of the proposed purchase. The Council may purchase from the bidder whose bid is most advantageous to the City, considering price, quality, date of delivery and any other consideration the Council may deem relevant. In the event of two (2) equal bids, the Council may purchase from one of those tying, or may divide the purchase among those tying, always accepting the bid or bids most advantageous to the City.
   D.   Purchases Allowed Without Requesting Quotes Or Bids: The following may be purchased regardless of value thereof without the requirement of obtaining quotations or giving an opportunity for competitive bidding, unless otherwise required in this chapter or by State or Federal law or regulation:
      1.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services which can be furnished only by a single dealer, or which have a uniform price wherever bought;
      2.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services purchased from another unit of government at a price deemed below that obtainable from private dealers, including government surplus;
      3.   Contractual services, including, but not limited to, natural gas, electricity, or telephone service, purchased from a public utility at a price or rate determined by the State Corporation Commission or other governmental authority;
      4.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services when purchased at a price not exceeding a price set therefor by the State purchasing agency or any other State agency hereafter authorized to regulate prices for things purchased by the State, whether such price is determined by a contract negotiated with a vendor or otherwise; and
      5.   Contractual services of a professional nature, such as engineering, legal, architectural and medical services. (Ord. 05-01-2000, 5-1-2000)