(a)   The reimbursement charges and procedures set forth herein are applicable to the property and the owners of property adjacent to and within the service area of the eight-inch and 12-inch diameter sanitary sewer on Wooster Road, constructed in the year 1994, and which is approximately 5,900 feet in length, extending from 170 feet east of the intersection of Richland Avenue and Wooster Road, westerly and southerly to the northwestern corner of the intersection of Eastern Road and State Route 21.
   (b)   The property and the owners thereof not adjacent to the subject length of the  sanitary sewer shall not be permitted to connect, except that such owners within the service area may extend the subject sanitary sewer to the center of their frontage at no cost to the City utilizing the size of the sanitary sewer and construction standards as determined and approved by the City.
   (c)   Each connection permitted hereunder shall service only one structure, except that sanitary sewers with an eight-inch or greater diameter servicing more than one structure may connect, provided they shall service residential subdivisions or commercial establishments, and provided that the actual size of such sanitary sewer shall be based on anticipated sewage flow as approved and determined by the City.
   (d)   Any property owner qualified hereunder to connect to the subject length of the sanitary sewer shall apply to the City upon forms to be determined by the City and, at such time, shall pay the prescribed reimbursement charges.  The "reimbursement charges" are defined for purposes herein as a proportionate share of the cost of local funding for the construction of the sanitary sewer improvement.
   (e)   The City shall collect all reimbursement charges as well as any user fees and permit fees established by Council before a connection may be made to the sanitary sewer.
   (f)   The reimbursement charges required hereunder shall be two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) per each frontage benefit.  These reimbursement charges are calculated to reimburse the City for the cost of borrowing funds to pay for the construction of the sanitary sewer.  A single "benefit" for purposes herein is defined as 400 gallons or less of wastewater emitted from the site per day.  The number of benefits per property owner shall be based on the number of gallons of wastewater anticipated, as determined by standard gallon per day flow rates established by the Environmental Protection Agency.  No charge will be for less than one full benefit. A frontage benefit shall be one benefit as defined above for any property that is adjacent to the road right-of-way in which the sanitary sewer is located.
   (g)   All property owners connecting to the Wooster Road sanitary sewer system, as defined herein, shall adhere to all requirements for new laterals established by the City, including all requirements and approvals applicable to the construction of house laterals from the right-of-way line to the inside of a structure.  The City shall not incur any cost for such compliance.
   (h)   The Director of Public Service and the Director of Finance shall implement the above requirements and procedures as the same are within the departmental responsibilities of each.  The Director of Finance shall apply all collected reimbursement charges first to the repayment of all financing obligations incurred by the City in connection with the construction of the subject sanitary sewer.
(Ord. 83-1994.  Passed 8-8-94; Ord. 76-2005. Passed 11-28-05.)