(a)   A final development plan for TCD-4 and TCD-5 developments shall be submitted and approved prior to the application of building permits. The procedure and requirements for the final development plan shall be as provided in Section 1281.19. The final development plan may be phased for portions of the development area within the preliminary development plan approved by Council. Each phase of development shall contain all necessary improvements to support that phase including but not limited to: utilities, retention, access, fire protection, parking, lighting, landscaping, buffering and required trees. Each phase shall also comply with all other codes and ordinances of the City to the extent not expressly modified by the specific terms contained in this section of the Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   In the TCD-4 and TCD-5 Subdistricts, the applicant shall also prepare and submit for approval by the Planning Commission in accordance with Section 1281.19, a Design Manual to establish the architectural design specifications and general design guidelines for the entire TCD proposed. The Design Manual shall include, but not be limited to, and shall provide examples of, architectural style of buildings, design features, exterior finish materials of buildings, basic design of streets, street furniture and fixtures, lighting specifications, general landscaping design, sidewalk and pedestrian plaza design criteria and other design elements of the development.
   (c)   For projects that do not require a preliminary or final development plan according to 1281.16 or 1281.17(a), a site development plan shall be prepared by the developer and shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and approval pursuant to Chapter 1220.
(Ord. 04-169. Passed 10-13-04; Ord. 06-73. Passed 7-18-06; Ord. 16-113. Passed 9-6-16.)