A preliminary development plan shall be required for all development in TCD-4 and TCD-5 districts in accordance with Section 1281.19. The preliminary development plan required in this chapter shall be defined as per Section 1281.19, and in addition shall contain the following information:
   (a)   Survey or engineering drawing of the development area to be developed;
   (b)   Permanent parcels including parcel numbers and dimensions of all parcels or portions contained in the proposed district;
   (c)   Location and number of dwellings by dwelling type in each area, acreage of each area and densities in each area of the district;
   (d)   A site plan depicting location, arrangement of all proposed nonresidential buildings and related parking;
   (e)   Preliminary building design;
   (f)   Preliminary site landscaping and site amenities plan. Site amenities included walkways, plazas, "street furniture" and lighting;
   (g)   Location of existing and proposed public roads, private streets, parking and circulation;
   (h)   Minimum peripheral setbacks around the perimeter of the district;
   (i)   Plans and/or cross-sections depicting how the buffering and screening requirements of this chapter will be satisfied;
   (j)   Location of all existing structures on the property which is subject of the application and any structures within 100 feet of the boundary of the proposed application;
   (k)   The plan shall include a documentation that phases of construction for nonresidential development will occur in a manner that rationally expands the TCD character that is consistent with the goals of the Master Plan and does not result in isolated fragments;
   (l)   Location, type and size of any easements, covenants, deed restrictions or other restrictions proposed or recorded;
   (m)   Such other relevant information as the Planning Commission may require.
(Ord. 04-169.  Passed 10-13-04; Ord. 06-73.  Passed 7-18-06; Ord. 16-113.  Passed 9-6-16.)