Sex Related Offenses
666.01   Definitions.
666.02   Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
666.03   Sexual imposition.
666.04   Public indecency.
666.05   Voyeurism.
666.06   Polygraph examinations for victims: restrictions on use.
666.07   Procuring.
666.08   Soliciting; loitering to engage in.
666.09   Prostitution.
666.10   Rules of evidence.
666.11   Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.
666.115   Displaying matter harmful to juveniles.
666.12   Pandering obscenity. (Repealed)
666.13   Possession and viewing of obscene material involving a minor. (Repealed)
666.14   Deception to obtain matter harmful to juveniles.
666.15   Presumptions; notice.
666.16   Declaratory judgment.
666.17   Injunction; abatement of nuisance.
666.18   Obscene or profane language.
666.19   Molesting or insulting persons.
666.20   Unlawful operation of viewing booths depicting sexual conduct.
666.21   Juveniles on the premises of adult entertainment establishments prohibited.
666.22   Sexually oriented businesses; illegal operation and activity.
666.23   Unlawful advertising of massage.
666.24   Nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images.
666.99   Sentencing for sexually oriented offenses; sexual predators; registration.
   Power to restrain houses of ill fame - see Ohio R.C. 715.52
   Examination and treatment of venereal disease - see Ohio R.C. 2907.27
   Psychiatric examination before sentence - see Ohio R.C. 2947.25
   Registration of sex offenders in cities and counties - see Ohio R.C. 2950.01 et seq.
   Definitions generally- see GEN. OFF. 606.01
   Criminal child enticement - see GEN. OFF. 636.08
   Spreading contagion - see GEN. OFF. 660.02