Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
440.005   Definitions.
440.01   Load limits.
440.02   Maximum width, height and length.
440.03   Operation of vehicle on highways in excess of prescribed weights forbidden.
440.04   Weight of load, width of tire.
440.05   Vehicles with pneumatic tire; load limits; towing connection length.
440.06   Towing requirements; exception to size and weight restrictions.
440.07   Maximum axle load, wheel load, gross weights and towing connection length for solid rubber tires.
440.08   Reduction of weight and speed during time of thaws and moisture.
440.09   Statement of gross vehicle weight.
440.10   Wheel protectors.
440.11   Vehicles transporting explosives.
440.12   Loads dropping, leaking or shifting; tracking mud; removal required.
440.13   Vehicles with spikes, lugs and chains.
440.14   Occupying travel trailer while in motion.
440.15   Route and load information.
440.16   Weighing vehicles.
440.17   Liability for damages; prosecution; application of moneys.
440.18   Notice of arrest.
440.19   Unlawful operation; Tax Commissioner to be notified.
440.20   Display of certificate of registration.
440.21   Chauffeured limousines.
440.22   Use of low gear only when descending hills within the city.
440.23   Transportation of radioactive materials.
440.24   Requirements for extra signal equipment.
440.25   Disabled vehicle; display of warning devices.
440.26   Certain vehicles to keep to right hand lane; no passing.
440.27   Vehicle markings required.
440.28   Log book; safety equipment.
440.29   Vehicle identification.
440.30   Compliance with state Public Utilities Commission rules.
440.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Display of certificates of registration - see Ohio R.C. 4549.18
   Arrest notice of drivers - see Ohio R.C. 5577.14
   Fatigued or ill drivers - see TRAF. 442.09
   Truck loading zones - see TRAF. 452.09
   Bus stops and taxicab stands - see TRAF. 452.10
   Transporting waste materials - see GEN. OFF. 660.16
   Off-street parking and loading - see P. & Z. Ch. 1282