Except as otherwise outlined in this chapter, the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee shall cause a dog or cat to be quarantined or placed in a secure area for observation for a minimum period of ten days when any such dog or cat has bitten or caused any skin abrasion upon any person. If the animal is placed in isolation, the owner shall be required to pay the impounding fee and fee for food and care provided for in this chapter, and if the owner fails to pay the fees at the end of the period of isolation as directed by the Chief of Police, the animal may be humanely disposed of by a licensed veterinarian. If the dog or cat that has bitten someone or caused any skin abrasion upon any person is unclaimed or the owner is unknown, then it shall be held in isolation, at the direction of the Chief of Police, by the contracted animal control facility for observation not less than ten days and then humanely disposed of by said facility.
(2011 Code, § 13.0328) (Ord. 2205, passed 1-28-2013; Ord. 2426, passed 3-20-2023)