(A)   (1)   Dogs and pigs properly identified as required by law shall be deemed at large if the animal is off the premises of the owner. A dog or pig shall not be deemed at large if:
         (a)   On the premises of its owner;
         (b)   Off the premises of the animal’s owner and under the control of a person given charge of the dog by the owner by leash, cord, chain or other similar restraint not more than six feet in length;
         (c)    Confined within a motor vehicle;
         (d)   Properly housed in a veterinary hospital or kennel or commercial establishment as defined by Iowa Code Ch. 162; or
         (e)   In the designated enclosed area of a city owned dog park.
      (2)   Cats are allowed to be unrestrained any time within the city, except agents and agencies responsible for animal control within the city are hereby authorized to temporarily seize any cat running at large within the city for the limited purposes of ascertaining whether such cat is currently licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Upon confirmation of current license and rabies tags, such cat shall be immediately released. In the absence of a current license or rabies tag, such cat shall be impounded as provided hereinafter.
      (3)   A cat, properly licensed and displaying such license as required by law, shall not be deemed at large if the cat is not causing damage or interfering with property of another.
(2011 Code, § 13.0303)
   (B)   No owner, or person in charge, of any licensed or unlicensed dog, or any cat, or any pig, shall permit such dog or cat or pig to run at large in the city at any time as described in division (A) above.
(2011 Code, § 13.0319)
   (C)   Owners utilizing an electronic underground invisible fence to contain dogs in the front yard or side yard of a corner lot of their residential property shall post a sign in such a place as to provide notice to persons entering the property or utilizing an adjacent public sidewalk or street indicating the presence and use of an invisible fence.
(Ord. 2189, passed 4-10-2012; Ord. 2205, passed 1-28-2013; Ord. 2247, passed 5-4-2015; Ord. 2280, passed 1-4-2017; Ord. 2426, passed 3-20-2023) Penalty, see § 90.99