General Provisions
154.101   Findings and purpose
154.102   Scope
154.103   Definitions
General Requirements
154.201   Administration
154.202   Utility service provider required to have Certificate of Registration
154.203   Utility system in place without a valid Certificate of Registration
154.204   When permit required by a utility service provider
154.205   Utility service provider not exempt from permit requirement or revocation of the permit
154.206   Exemptions
154.207   Severability
154.208   Reservation of regulatory and police powers
154.209   Method of service
154.210   Applies to all providers
154.211   Police powers
154.212   Compliance
154.213   Choice of law and forum
154.214   Force majeure
154.215   No warranty
154.216   Continuing obligation and holdover
154.217   Appeals
154.218   Local standards
154.219   Chapter headings
Certificate of Registration Applications and Responsibilities
154.301   Certificate of Registration applications
154.302   Maximum decision time
154.303   Criteria for issuance
154.304   Denial of application
154.305   Expiration of Certificate of Registration
154.306   Responsibilities of a utility service provider with a valid Certificate of Registration
154.307   Nature of issuance
154.308   Relocation of equipment
154.309   Pre-excavation equipment location
154.310   Damage to other equipment
154.311   Right of way vacation
154.312   Discontinued operations and abandoned equipment
Termination of Certificate of Registration
154.401   Written notice of violation
154.402   Failure to cure violation
Revocable Street Privilege Permit Requirements
154.501   Application for permit
154.502   Permit application procedures
154.503   Limitations on placement of utility system elements and/or denial of permit
Indemnification and Liability
154.601   Municipality does not accept liability
154.602   Indemnification
Penalties for Violation, Liquidated Damages, and Limited Right of Appeal
154.701   Penalties for violation
154.702   Non-exclusive remedy
154.703   Liquidated damages
154.704   Rights of appeal