(A)   The hauler shall pick up and collect all residential garbage deposited along the curb or right-of-way of each street or alley of each dwelling unit. Said rubbish shall be collected only from waterproof, covered containers or plastic bags, not to exceed 35 gallons capacity and/or a gross weight of 75 pounds. Said containers or bags shall be placed in accordance with § 50.05. Subject to medical documentation, a resident may request the hauler to pick up and collect residential garbage as a carry out service. Medical documentation must include a verification of the physical condition, as well as the duration of said condition.
   (B)   Tree and bush trimmings shall be bundled so as not to exceed three feet in length and 15 inches in diameter.
   (C)   Residential recycling items shall be placed in a recycling bin. The first such bin for recyclable items shall be supplied by the hauler and distributed by the hauler to the household. Such bins for recyclable items shall be placed next to and along side of the aforementioned residential and commercial garbage and residential and commercial rubbish. The hauler shall make available replacement bins at a cost of $5 per bin, payable by the residential customer.
   (D)   All newspapers shall be placed in paper containers, such as paper only grocery bags and/or tied into bundles, no such bundle to exceed a gross weight of ten pounds, and placed next to and along side of the aforementioned special bags containing recyclable items.
   (E)   All recyclable items picked up by the hauler shall be delivered to a recycle center by the hauler. If at any time it is determined by the municipality that the recyclable items are not being delivered to a recycle center by the hauler for the purpose of recycling, the license required by § 50.02 shall be revoked by the Municipal Manager in the manner as prescribed in § 50.03(B).
(Ord. 98-21, passed 6-18-98; Am. Ord. 2001-03, passed 4-3-01)  Penalty, see § 50.99