(a)   The approval of a final development plan for a planned unit development district shall be for a period not to exceed five years.  If no construction has begun within five years after approval is granted, the final development plan shall be void and the land shall revert to the RS District.  An extension of the time limit to begin construction or modification of the final development plan may be approved if the Planning Commission finds that such extension or modification is in the public interest.  Any modification of the final development plan shall be made only after the property owner, or designated representative, submits to Planning Commission a written request to modify the original plan and proceeds through the steps outlined in Section 1268.16, 1268.17, 1268.21, 1268.22, 1268.23 and 1268.24.
   (b)   No Zoning Code amendment passed during the time period the final development plan is in force and effect shall in any way alter the terms of the planned unit development plan.
(Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09.)