Until such time as newly annexed land is rezoned in accordance with Chapter 1236, it shall remain subject to the regulations of the township zoning district where the land was located within prior to annexation.  Within sixty days after an annexation procedure has been completed, the owner(s) of the newly annexed land shall apply for re-zoning as per Chapter 1236.  In the event that the owner(s) of recently annexed property fails to apply for re-zoning within the sixty day time period, Planning Commission may, within thirty days, initiate the process for re-zoning the land to an appropriate district.  In determining the appropriate zoning classification, the Planning Commission shall consider the land's township zoning, the zoning districts abutting and neighboring the land, traffic and safety issues, and the general well being of the City.  When the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to Council regarding the appropriate zoning classification for newly annexed land, the Commission shall also make a recommendation as to how the land shall be designated on the Off-Premises Sign Map.  The Zoning Inspector shall not issue any zoning permit for newly annexed land until such time as either the land has been zoned as per Chapter 1236, or 210 days have passed since the annexation process was completed and Council has failed to approve a new zoning classification for the land.  In the latter case, the Zoning Inspector shall only issue a zoning permit for any use permitted under its former township zoning.
(Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09.)