(a)    In General.
      (1)   The improvements required shall be designed by an engineer, registered in the State of Ohio, and furnished and installed by the subdivider in accordance with the provisions of these Subdivision Regulations and other regulations of the State and City. The improvements shall be installed before the final plat is recorded by the subdivider unless a financial guarantee, as specified in these Regulations, has been approved and accepted by the Planning Officer prior to the recording by the subdivider.
      (2)   Before work on any improvement is started, the subdivider must secure such permits as may be required and shall notify the appropriate governmental inspectors to insure that the work is done in conformance with the approved plans.
   (b)   Grading.
      (1)   Streets must be graded the full width and slopes must be graded beyond the street line where necessary.
      (2)   Sodding and seeding to prevent erosion shall be done on cuts or fills made under the above grading requirement.
      (3)   In addition to the requirements set forth in the approved Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan, other control measures shall be undertaken when deemed necessary by the City Engineer.
      (4)   Lots shall be graded so that water drains away from each building.
      (5)   As many trees as can be reasonably utilized in the final development plan shall be retained and the grading adjusted to the existing grade at the trees.
      (6)   During the construction period, the topsoil shall not be removed from the site or used as fill, but shall be saved and uniformly spread over the lots as grading is finished.
      (7)   All improvement plans shall show topographic conditions before grading and final elevations after grading, and provision shall be made so that areas graded for flood routing are not changed when homes or other structures are constructed.
(Ord. 93-fit. Passed 10-3-94.)