As used in this chapter, unless otherwise expressly provided, or unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended:
   (a)   "City" means the City of Newark, Ohio.
   (b)   "Park" or "recreational area" means a park, playground, playfield, Municipal swimming pool, recreational center or any other area of the City that is owned or used by the City and devoted to active or passive recreation, and the area of land owned by the City located around the County Courthouse from the Courthouse to the curb of the four streets which form the perimeter of such area, commonly referred to as The Square.
   (c)   "Superintendent" means the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, as described in Section 248.03.
   (d)   "Vehicle" means any wheeled conveyance, including, but not limited to, snowmobiles and all purpose vehicles, as those terms are defined in Section 476.01 of the Traffic Code, whether motor-powered, animal-drawn or self-propelled, but not including baby carriages, conveyances for transporting handicapped persons or vehicles in the service of the City.
(Ord. 87-24. Passed 5-18-87.)