1047.03  COMPLIANCE.
   (a)   Best Management Practices. All permitted dischargers shall comply with Best Management Practices, which are set forth in Attachment B to original Ordinance 03-41, in the operation and maintenance of their grease trap device.
   (b)   Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO). All users of the City of Newark, Division of Water and Wastewater Sewer System, shall comply with all requirements of the Sewer Use Ordinance, as amended, and are subject to all applicable enforcement action as mandated in the ordinance.
   (c)   Duty to Comply. The permittee must comply with all conditions of the permit issued to them by the Division. Any permit noncompliance constitutes a violation of the SUO and is grounds for enforcement actions including, but not limited to, terminations of service, revocation, reissuance or modification of the permit or denial of a permit renewal.
   (d)   Signatory Requirements. All forms, reports or other correspondence submitted to the Division or that is required shall be signed by an authorized representative of the permittee.
(Ord. 03-41. Passed 9-15-03.)