No work permit shall be issued unless a written application therefor, on a form provided by the Director of Public Service, is submitted to the Director. The written application shall state the name, address and principal place of business of the applicant, the location and scope of the proposed work, the purpose of the facility, the approximate time which will be required to complete the work and the estimated cost of the work. The applicant shall certify that all work to be performed shall be conducted in a manner consistent with, and in adherence to, the standards contained in the "Manual of Rules and Regulations for Operations in Public Places" prescribed by the Director as authorized by Section 1022.07. The application, when approved and signed by the Director or his or her designated authority, shall constitute a permit. The Director shall determine the time within which work must be commenced and completed. A permit, other than an annual blanket permit, shall expire for work not started within thirty days or completed within sixty days after issuance of a permit, in which case a new permit shall be required before beginning or completing the work.
(Ord. 84-37. Passed 6-4-84. )