(a)   A taxicab driver's license shall expire on December 31 of each year. An application for renewal of such license shall be filed with the Director of Public Safety at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. Failure to comply with this section will result in paying a penalty of ten additional dollars ($10.00) late renewal fee.
   (b)   Each renewal application form shall contain the certificate of a licensed physician to whom the applicant has presented himself for examination, which physician shall certify that the applicant is free from each infirmity mentioned in Section 872.15(b) except that an examination for a communicable social disease is not required in the case of a renewal application, unless in the opinion of the Director it is believed to be desirable.
   (c)   The Director shall take action on each such application for a license renewal prior to its expiration. In event of a refusal to renew a license, the proceedings as to notification and appeal shall be the same as in cases where an original application was denied.
   (d)   Original applications granted after November 1 and prior to the renewal date will not require a medical examination or a police check for renewal.
   (e)   Licenses issued on or after October 1 on original applications may be used prior to January 1 without additional charge.
   (f)   Licenses issued on approved renewal applications on and after December 1 may be used at once.
(Ord. 87-56.  Passed 12-7-87; Ord. 00-31.  Passed 9-5-00; Ord. 12-11.  Passed 4-16-12.)