(a)   No person shall drive a taxicab unless duly licensed as hereinafter provided.
   (b)   Every driver of a taxicab, before receiving such license, shall make application to the Director of Public Safety on forms to be supplied by the Director of Public Safety.
   (c)   The application form shall further contain the certificate of a licensed physician who shall certify, after examination, that the applicant is medically capable of driving a taxicab. The certificates by the physician shall be renewed annually.
   (d)   The applicant shall file with his application an Ohio driver’s license abstract for the preceding three years and two acceptable, close-up photographs, two inches by three inches in size, which shall have been taken within 30 days preceding the date of the application.
(Ord. 87-56.  Passed 12-7-87; Ord. 00-31.  Passed 9-5-00; Ord. 12-11.  Passed 4-16-12.)