As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Taxicab" means all motor vehicles carrying passengers for hire on the streets of the City except motor buses operated on regularly established routes and except Senior Sedans, as provided for in Chapter 1066 of Part Ten - the Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code. Wherever the word "cab" is used in this chapter it shall be construed to mean a motor vehicle subject to regulations by this chapter.
   (b)   "Taxicab owner" means every corporation, - association, joint stock association, person, firm or partnership, their lessees, directors, receivers or trustees, appointed by any court, or the personal representatives or assigns of any deceased owner, owning, controlling, operating or managing any taxicab.
   (c)   "Taxicab driver" means the person driving a taxicab.
   (d)   "Taxicab revenue" means all moneys or the value of all user-subsidized transportation tokens received by the driver from the operation of a taxicab.
   (e)   "Director" means the Director of Public Safety or his successor.
(Ord. 87-56. Passed 12-7-87; Ord. 12-11.  Passed 4-16-12.)