(a)   No person shall operate any establishment in the City Health District where food or drink is prepared, processed, manufactured, packaged, stored, served, sold or offered for sale unless the proprietor has first obtained from the City a food establishment license therefor. Such license requirement shall not apply to those places operating under a State food service license, those operating under a permit of the Board of Health or homes containing a family unit and their nonpaying guests.
   (b)   The .license required by subsection (a) hereof shall be obtained prior to January 1 of any year and shall be effective for the ensuring calendar year. No person shall conduct a food establishment in the City Health District for less than a full year without first obtaining a permit therefor from the Board of Health, not less than ten days before the food establishment is to be opened for business.
(Ord. 64-127. Passed 12-7-64; Ord. 70-140. Passed 10-5-70. )