(a)   No owner or occupant of abutting lands shall fail to keep the sidewalks, curbs or gutters in repair and free from snow, ice or any nuisance.
(ORC 723.011; Adopting Ordinance)
   (b)   No owner of any lot or parcel of land in the City shall fail to construct or repair the sidewalk or any part thereof in front of and abutting such lot or parcel of land when the Director of Public Service, by letter, directs the same to be done. Property owners shall have the right to use any of the materials designated in the "Manual of Rules and Regulations for Operations in the Public Place," provided for in Section 1022.07 of the Streets, Utilities and Public Services Code, for the designated construction or reconstruction. However, in no event shall any material other than Portland cement concrete be used in the construction of sidewalks around the Public Square. 
(Ord. 74-40. Passed 6-3-74.)
   (c)   Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and shall be subject to the penalty provided in Section 698.02.