(a)   The Director of Public Service is hereby authorized and directed to develop a system or method whereby the City's insurance needs can be continuously reviewed so as to provide readily available information concerning such insurance needs on a continuous basis.
   (b)   The Director is hereby further authorized and directed to report to Council his findings and recommendations in regard to such a program and to otherwise take such action as is necessary to provide adequate information to Council on a continuous basis so as to allow sufficient time for Council to take action to provide continuous insurance coverage by means which will select the best coverage at the lowest price possible, and to allow sufficient and adequate time to perform the selection process.
   (c)   Because the informal surveys conducted by the Director indicate that it is unlikely that any bids will be received as a result of any invitation for bids for insurance products to meet the insurance needs of the City, the Director is hereby authorized and directed to negotiate and enter into contracts for the purchase of insurance products to provide adequate coverage for the City where, in his judgment, the purchase of said products is advisable and economically feasible, subject to the appropriation of funds. The City hereby waives any bidding requirement for the purchase of insurance products.
(Ord. 90-2. Passed 2-5-90.)