16.70.060 Conditions of Approval.
In approving an application for a temporary use permit, the director may impose conditions that are deemed necessary to ensure that the permit will be conducted in compliance with the findings required by Section 16.70.050, above. These conditions may involve any factors affecting the operation of the temporary use or event and may include the following:
   A.   Nuisance Factors. Regulation of nuisance factors, including prevention of glare or direct illumination of adjacent properties, dirt, dust, gases, heat, noise, odors, smoke, or vibration;
   B.   Operating Hours and Days. Regulation of operating hours and days, including limitation of the duration of the temporary use to a shorter time period than that requested;
   C.   Parking Facilities. Provision of temporary parking facilities, including vehicular ingress and egress;
   D.   Performance Bond. Submission of a performance bond or other surety device to ensure that any temporary facilities or structures used for the proposed temporary use will be removed from the site within a reasonable time following the event and that the property will be restored to its former condition;
   E.   Sanitary and Medical Facilities. Provision of sanitary and medical facilities, if deemed necessary by the director;
   F.   Security Measures. Provision of security and safety measures, if deemed necessary by the director;
   G.   Signs. Regulation of signs;
   H.   Site plan. Submission of a site plan indicating any information of the requested temporary use permit that is contingent upon compliance with applicable provisions of other local and state ordinances;
   I.   Structures. Regulation of temporary structures and facilities, including height, location of equipment, placement, size, and the provision of open spaces, including buffer areas and other yards;
   J.   Waste Collection. Provision of solid waste collection and disposal; and
   K.   Other. Other conditions that would ensure the operation of the proposed temporary use in an orderly and efficient manner and in compliance with the purpose of this chapter.
(Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)